Some nice things being said about ridgebag


I have wanted a Ridgebag from the moment the design was shared - a bag for dog walking that meets the needs of dog and owner. What’s not to want?
In terms of ordering the process is simple and communication excellent. My Ridgebag arrived today, the date I specifically asked for.

The packaging caught my eye immediately with the logo of a handsome Ridgeback silhouette on the box, and the DPD local responsible delivery (CO2 neutral) is reassuring.

I ordered the red Awen bag. I had considered the grey however living in a family who have mainly neutral accessories was worried it might be picked up by the wrong person! I also like the red.

Kai and I took Red Awen for a test walk tonight. The first thing I really, really love about this bag is that everything is easy to get at. As an extremely cackhanded person with a reactive dog trying to manage dog, phone, treats etc and coordinate them I have had difficulties with successful timing.

The treat pocket allows for loose treats (no more fumbling around trying to extract a bribe from a plastic bag) self sealing with a magnetic strip so great for quickly getting hold of a treat in case of emergency. It’s also detachable and washable so no more crumbs over your belongings.

I love that you can thread the unused poo bags from the pocket and tear them off as required (no more frantic searching trying to find them in the bag) and the detachable pocket for used poo bags is great and means hands can remain free for dog handling.

I love that all the bag including detachable pockets are washable and there is room for everything I need including my water bottle and the thoughtful detail of a hook to carry keys is great!

I can carry Kai’s long line with me and also shampoo and a grooming mitt (ideal for a dog given to rolling in stinky stuff) and I haven’t even mentioned the water bowl pocket and tissue pocket. Or the waterproof cover. This bag is fabulous. I wish I’d had it ages ago but glad I have it now!

Most importantly it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. In fact it’s already making dog walking so much easier, maybe I should get another dog?

Thank you Ridgebag. Sue C.


I love my Ridgebag!

Having been disappointed by so many dog walking bags over the years, it was a great relief to find a strong, sturdy bag with a place for everything and more. It's not heavy or bulky and the little touches like the waterproof cover, water bowl and remove-able pockets are brilliant. I recommend this bag to everyone and look forward to enjoying many more walks with it. Catherine C.


Quality made bag that’s been very thought out in its design. Carries everything a dog walker needs. Loved the packaging it arrived in. Emma T.


I absolutely LOVE this bag! It has everything a dog walker could ask for and more! I had been looking for a bag that could cater for all my needs for weeks and someone suggested the Ridgebag. I started doing a bit of research and found that it ticked all my boxes.

All the team have been most helpful answering my questions but when I finally decided to order one my colour was out of stock 🙄 (that’s my luck all over) again they were most helpful and assured me it would arrive by my birthday.

True to their word they hand delivered it a couple days before! The packaging was amazing and inside there even was a birthday card which I thought was thoughtful and a lovely touch.

The most amazing thing about this bag is the pocket where you can place used poo bags! This has always been an issue with myself when out and can never find a bin then you find yourself with not enough pair of hands for poo bags, dogs, treats etc! This solves that issue. And you can take the pocket out to wash if needs be. I also love the magnetic treat pouch for easy access. I also discovered in one of the pockets a collapsible water bowl which will come in handy for summer.

It is also very sturdy and has gone through some tough tests of awful weather and excitable & jumping dogs. It’s stayed strong and dry. If you are thinking about getting a Ridgebag just buy one you won’t regret it xxx Catherine C.


I love this bag.

I'm a dog walker and before finding Ridgebag I had gone through a myriad of different options to fit in treats, keys, poop bags, my phone and everything else from toys to balls. You name it; bum bags, pouches, belt accessories, a backpack/satchel combo, none of them were sufficient.

However, as soon as I got my hands on a Ridgebag, that was it. I knew it. I'm sold! Consider me a full blown Ridgebag convert. In the main pocket alone, I'm able to fit spare poop bags, a spare lead, a ring puller toy, 2x balls, my keys and a small first aid kit.

In the front, I keep my treats and in the back is my current set of poop bags + my phone. Even with that amount of contents within it, the bag never feels too weighty on my shoulders.

There's a rain cover which is very useful for a dog walker in Wales, and you can even clip it in so it stays down in our infamous sideways rain / gale force wind storms! When you're not using the cover, it's easy to roll up and fasten in with minimal fuss and faff.

This bag is built to last. I'm into my third month of heavy use with it and there's no sign of wear and tear, despite the best efforts of the dogs I walk. It's been poked and scratched, bitten and even pee'd on (being able to take it apart to wash is another plus) but it's still going strong.

Stop reading this and get yourself a Ridgebag! Ben M.


I love my Ridgebag and use it everyday as I walk miles with my boisterous boxer. It is so well thought out with a pocket for everything I need and it’s completely waterproof. For the dog, I especially like the pocket for treats which is easily accessible, detachable and washable- I can reward my dog quickly without fumbling for treats. For me, the waterproof pockets for my phone, purse and keys are heaven- I no longer lose everything. The bag also looks good, is unisex and get loads of compliments in the park. Thank you Ridgebag. Angela D.


We have never found the perfect dog walking bag until now! The Ridgebag design is superb. There are pockets for everything and its great to be able to keep things dry and separate from anything wet/smelly/muddy. Everything is so well thought out and I no longer spend ages fishing around for things and losing some along the way. We got the larger one with a raincover which manages to keep everything dry (even in Wales!) but you can still easily get to the things you need. The best thing about it aside from the design is the quality, having destroyed many bags over the years it is really great to have bought something that is so well made and built to last forever. We liked it so much we bought one for our friend. Love it. Sarah L.


Recently purchased a Ridgebag as it filled a lot of my needs as a dog walker: It has a roomy main pocket for an extra lead and toys, a removable + washable pockets for treats and poop bags, lots of little pockets for your phone, lights and cash and a handy laniard to hook your keys on. Best of all it's waterproof and has a handy hood in case of Welsh levels of rain. I got loads of compliments/where did you get that bag? already. Edith N.


I’m a dog walker and have been using a backpack, which was fine but I was forever searching for things, pulling everything out to find the one thing I needed and not only that I had to stop, take it off, put it on the floor and then search. Precious time when you’re a dog walker! This bag is amazing, it has a pocket for everything and I can just tell the material is going to be tough! I carry a camera with me and my rucksack wasn’t waterproof so my camera was getting wet, now it doesn’t! There is a pocket for everything, and the best thing ever is a key holder!! Honestly I cannot say enough good things about this bag, I don’t think my words do it justice. I love it and it was definitely worth every penny! Thank you Ridgebag for thinking of everything needed when out walking dogs whether your a dog owner or a dog walker, it does the job and more! Nikki W.