Taking care of your ridgebag


At Ridgebag we use mainly Cordura® and British Millerain fabrics. We love these fabrics because they have characteristics that make them specially suited for our bags. Cordura® fabrics are tough and treated with coatings to make them weather resistant and come in a range of beautiful colours. British Millerain fabrics are durable and the classic waxed cotton gets better with age.

To maintain the quality of these specialist fabrics, however, they need some care. Here we provide instructions to keep your Ridgebag performing at its best.


Cordura® ripstop

The Cordura® ripstop fabric we use has a weight of 139gsm with ripstop reinforcements at 5mm sq. The face is treated with a Teflon® acrylic coating and the backface has a Polyurethane (PU) waterproof coating. The Teflon® coating provides a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) quality to the fabric. The composition of the fabric is 65% polyester and 35% Cordura® polyamide.

We use this fabric to make our AWEN and AWEN AER models in Red and Grey.


Cordura® canvas type fabric

Another Cordura® fabric we use is a 560 Dtex canvas. This is a heavier fabric than Cordura® ripstop. It has the same properties as that material with a durable fluorocarbon finish on the face and polyurethane waterproof coating on its backface. The composition of the fabric is a Nylon 6.6 plain weave with a weight of 215 gsm.

We use this fabric to make AWEN AER in Navy.


Care of Cordura®

For best results we recommend the following instructions:

• Unclip the detachable pouches and pull out the inner so that all the material is out

• Wash at 30º with a detergent formulated specifically for technical equipment. There are several on the market like Granger’s Performance Wash or Nikwax

• Reproof after a few washes with a fluorocarbon free waterproofing spray. Again, you could use a product like Granger’s Performance Repel or Nikwax. You will know when your bag requires waterproofing when water stays on the bag rather than running down

• Spin at lowest speed

• Hang to dry with pockets inside out

• Do not iron

• Do not wring

• Do not use bleach

• Do not dry clean

• Do not tumble dry


Staywax® Sahara by British Millerain

DINAS is made using British Millerain’s Staywax® Sahara 6 waxed 100% cotton fabric. The fabric has a weight of 230 gsm. The Staywax® finish of the Sahara fabric is achieved by a unique blend of waxes producing a drier feel than traditional waxed cotton.


Care of Sahara 6

These are the recommended care instructions for your DINAS. Waxed cotton ages beautifully and we recommend not washing it if possible. However, if you must:

• Wash in a 30C wash cycle using soap flakes or non biological detergents

• It can be dried in a tumble dryer at a low temperature setting

• Cool Iron

• Do not Bleach

• Do not Dry Clean